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Governments around the world promise to offer good education, health and measurable socio-economic circumstances to their citizens. They go a long way to meet these laudable goals albeit through diverse programmes and strategies. But the fact of the matter is that, many children and young people continue to be disadvantaged as they miss out on many of these programmes due to factors their governments can hardly comprehend. More often than not, many of these children and young people are imbued with talents and potential, which if nurtured, can improve their well-being  and become assets to the wider society. (more…)

A long-awaited breakthrough in the fight against malaria finally became a reality when on 6th October 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) unveiled and recommended a new vaccine, RTS,S/AS01 that has captured the attention of child-health professionals and parents alike. The new vaccine seems to be the missing part of a jigsaw in the fight against malaria that cause the deaths of over a quarter of a million at-risk children between 0-5 every year, especially in sub-Sahara Africa and elsewhere.

We at Children of Potentials are extremely happy for the turn of event. Over the years, we have held the view and have witnessed the negative impact that malaria has had on the health and education of young children. Malaria diseases have seen school attendance affected for many children in the communities we operate. It is our hope that the development and rollout of the new vaccine - in combination with other similar interventions - will go a long way in achieving our objective of improving educational and health outcomes for children and young people.

We say kudus to all the collaborators involved, especially piloting/research countries of Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, as well as the technical and financial support of others.