Criteria For Support

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Support to Parents and Guardians

Support to Institutions


Much as Children of Potentials would like to support every child in bringing about the realisation of his or her full potentials, or the granting of relief to parents and schools, it must be pointed out that resources at our disposal are not infinite. We are able to do the things we promise to do through the benevolence of some individuals and institution.

In delivering support to our chosen communities, the following guidelines, in their order of priority, are followed:

Student Support

  • Bright children who drop out of school due to financial circumstances will receive priority and consideration.
  • Children who have not started school due to poverty or parental indifference will be considered over others
  • Bright and talented children who have the potential to excel in academic and other educational disciplines will be considered over others.
  • Orphans and children in single-parent families whose financial circumstances are dire will be considered over others.
  • In the event of competing selections, the oldest student will receive our prior consideration.

Health Support

  • Mosquito prevalent rural communities will receive our priority consideration in any malaria reduction interventions.
  • Poor families with highest number of children will receive our prior attention over poor families with lowest number of children in the provision of any health-related products.
  • Health institutions in the communities we operate will receive our prior consideration.

Schools and Other Institutional Support

  • Schools and institutions in rural/poor communities will receive our prior consideration in the provision of educational and other material support.
  • Schools with highest number of children will receive our prior attention.

Parental Support

  • Poor parents with the brightest and talented children will receive priority attention.
  • Poor parents with the greater number of children will receive high priority over poor parents with the least number of children.
  • Young parents/teenage parents in poor financial circumstance will receive prior attention over those with better financial circumstance.