Recent Activities

Homework Tuition Clubs
The Corona virus pandemic has curtailed most of our activities in recent times. Nonetheless, we continue to make strides in our homework tuition networks to support pupils and students improve on their educational outcomes. In collaboration with our partners and stakeholders, CoP is also providing training to parents and guardians to enable them support their wards’ education beyond the classroom. 

With the opening of schools and colleges following recent social distance restrictions, we hope to restart our homework clubs to support our students.

Telemetric Test Centres
Our new telemetric test centres now offer parents, students and professional to equip themselves with the skills and certification to empower them as responsible adults around whom children would flourish.

Book your next test from your examination board portals and make our Barking suite your preferred testing centre. Contact us on 0208 133 6996 for more details about our other/upcoming testing centres.

My skills on test