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Membership is universal and open to all well-meaning individuals of 16 years or over, as well as organisations and institutions who share our vision and aspirations, cutting across all boundaries of race, sex, religions and cultures.

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Membership Provisions

Becoming a Member

Membership is universal and open to all well-meaning and decent Individuals of 16 years or over as well as organisations who share the visions and aspiration of the organization, cutting across all boundaries of race, sex, politics, religions and cultures.

Conduct of Members

  • Members shall take practical interest in the work of the Organisation, and shall endeavour to seek the growth of the Organisation. They shall voluntarily contribute financially or otherwise, to the Organisation, according to their means, towards the discharge of its duties and obligations.
  • Members shall be loyal and faithful to the Organisation, its members as well as the State and prevailing laws.
  • Members shall act as ambassadors of the Organisation. Indiscipline and lawlessness on the part of members shall lead to measures towards deregistration of membership.

Rights of Members

  • A member shall have the right to seek leadership position in the organisation.
  • A member shall have the right to call upon the leadership to assist a particular situation whenever the situation so demands, provided such calls are within the aims, objectives and resources of the Organisation.
  • A member shall have the right to make his/her voice to be heard regarding any matter, provided such matter is in accordance with the objects of the Organisation, and that the right procedure is followed.