There is no denying the fact that education is the key to the future prosperity of an individuals or a nation. It is the best gift a child can ever receive.

But the standard of provision and delivery is abysmally poor especially in rural/ poor communities where majority of students graduate at primary school level – usually ages 12yr. This is mainly due to economic, social and political factors that militate against achieving higher standards of education. These include lack of focus and direction as well as parental poverty and apathy. Above all, there is also the very danger of missing many item of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)  which sets to rid the world of unacceptable levels of miseries and hardships on different fronts.

CoP has a mission to do something about the current situation and is determined to sponsor about 1000 bright and talented students to acceptable levels of education by paying for fees, uniforms, one decent meal a day,  build libraries and computer labs for schools  as well as provide furniture and malaria intervention resources for school children and their families.

We also join the UN campaign for the eradication of poverty  and urge that anti-poverty targets of the Millennium Development Goals be met –even beyond the 2015 deadline.

But we realise the task can be daunting and difficult. That is why your support and goodwill are invaluable to us.  We ask that you or your organisation become a partner in meeting our goals.  You can sponsor a project that finances our goals or sponsor one of our growing list of children (lunch, fees, uniforms, books) and schools  (tables & chairs, libraries, computer labs,  and rebuilding/renovation of structures), or help supply mosquito nets to tackle the menace of malaria diseases that affect pupils’ school attendances in all of the communities we operate. You can be assured that any form of sponsorship is audit-trailed and accountable to you.

Please complete our Contact Form to let us know you want to help. Thanks in advance.

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