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Recent donation of books and other learning materials

We continue to explore and expand the areas that we can provide assistance to educational institutions. In recent months, we have received requests from a growing number of schools and health for assistance. These include request for staffing support, renovations of classrooms and structures, supplies for tables and chairs, text/exercise books, computer systems – and the list continues to grow.

It is the determination for this charity to rise up to them, even though we accept that this has not been easy.


Our short and long term projects are designed to enrich the teaching and learning processes They include:

Sch Building to renovate

  • Supplying classroom furniture and equipment
  • Supplying books, pens, footballs etc.
  • Supplying computers
  • Building community computer labs
  • Building community libraries
  • Renovating school buildings/structures
  • Supplying sports/recreational equipment and materials
  • Teacher support and training
  • Solicit for medical supplies to community health centres

The fact that our members and supporters consider children and youth education and health to be crucial to their future status in societies is heartening and presents a motivation for them to commit to the cause. They continue to donate money, new and old books, computers, printers and cartridges, etc. to our partner institutions.

It is also heartening to know that there are individuals, groups and organisations that are willing to help. If you wish to support these efforts, why not join our membership list to make a difference in a child’s life? You can also help by donating cash, materials and/or equipment to support our mission. We value your support tremendously.

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